Ben Shewry & Jonathan Gold headline the 2017 ConversatioNZ Symposium

Ben Shewry & Jonathan Gold headline the 2017 ConversatioNZ Symposium

ConversatioNZ Symposium Sunday August 27th 2017

This year’s ConversatioNZ Symposium will be held on the final day of Visa Wellington On a Plate, the 27th August. Tickets, available to anyone interested in food, are $95 and can be purchased here.

Headlining- the talented Ben Shewry of Attica Restaurant in Melbourne. Ben is undoubtedly our most famous chef export. He is joined by LA Times’ Jonathan Gold, the only Pulitzer-prize winning food critic in the world.

The theme of this year’s symposium is ‘The Future is Kai; New Zealand Food in 2030’.  It follows on from the successful symposium at Taste of Auckland last year and the original get-together in Christchurch, which launched the New Zealand food movement ConversatioNZ, founded by chef Giulio Sturla.

The international speakers will be joined by a number of New Zealand food thinkers including Rachel Taulelei, CEO of indigenous food and drinks company, Kono. Other producers include potential weka farmer Roger Beattie and free-range pig farmer Naya Brangenberg, as well as futurist Ian Yeoman. Rebecca Stewart from Pomegranate Kitchen will be talking about her social enterprise, employing refugees to cook their food for people.

ConversatioNZ’s media partner Cuisine Magazine will again be holding a panel discussion, chaired by editor Kelli Brett. ‘Whose opinions matter when it comes to restaurant ratings and reviews?’

Mojo Coffee will be ensuring focus stays sharp, and lunch will be provided by the organic mexican eatery La Boca Loca. Hospitality service company PosBoss will be helping to dish it up.

All attendees will have the opportunity to comment on their own perception of the future of New Zealand food, and to network with some of the brightest minds in our food scene.

The ConversatioNZ executive committee will also share some exciting plans for future developments.

ConversatioNZ is a collective of New Zealand's chefs, producers, media, tourism and event operators, who have all been inspired and interested to create a national platform to promote and champion our best food, drink, and culinary tourism opportunities. 

Save the Date!

Exciting news! The 2017 ConversatioNZ Symposium will be held on August 27th in Wellington, on the final day of the food festival, 'Wellington on a Plate'. Tickets will go on sale June 19th, but mark the date in your diary now!

ConversatioNZ at the North Canterbury Food & Wine Festival

In March this year we took the ConversatioNZ to the people at the North Canterbury Wine & food Festival, pairing up some great people to talk about food & wine (& beer) together. A full tent and some lively discussion made for a great day.

2016 ConversatioNZ Symposium at Taste of Auckland

This is the 'highlights reel' from our recent Symposium about the future of New Zealand food. Entitled 'Why Kai; What is unique about New Zealand food, and what is our place in the world?', it was an amazing day of conversation about where we're at.

DATE: Sunday 20th November, 2016.,
LOCATION: Auckland, Aotearoa

Giulio Sturla (Christchurch)
Lauraine Jacobs (Auckland)
Rewi Spraggon (Auckland)
Monique Fiso (Wellington)
Jonny Schwass (Christchurch)
Ruby Gill-Clifford (North Canterbury)
Tom Hishon (Auckland)
Judy Finn (Nelson)
Tony Stewart (Auckland)
Elle Armon-Jones (Auckland)
Kelli Brett (Auckland)
Sarah Meikle (Wellington)
Al Brown (Auckland)
Peter Cullinane (Auckland)
Jos Ruffel (Wellington)
Kay Baxter (Hawkes Bay)
Jeremy Gardiner (Auckland)
Glen Creasy (Canterbury)
Jill Whalley (Bay of Plenty)
ConversatioNZ seeks to provide a forum to encourage and enable collaboration between all levels of the culinary chain - chefs, writers, growers, farmers, artisan producers, educators and authorities etc. We want to challenge, inspire and push ourselves to the next level, to have a voice of our own and create strong community around food.

ConversatioNZ 2015: The Beginning, Pursuance of Our Voice

Rediscovering the wild as resource, possibilities of urban agriculture, looking deep in food production and sustainable ways in our everyday mentality were just a few topics in finding a harmony with nature and creative freedom in the kitchen. ConversatioNZ 2015 was just the beginning ...

So many amazing people shared their experiences, observations, passion and knowledge of their craft.

DATE: May 3-4, 2015,
LOCATION: Christchurch, Aotearoa

Alexis Guerin-Laguette (Christchurch)
Bailey Peryman (Christchurch)
Bevan Smith (Oamaru)
Gareth Renowden (Waipara)
Jo Bind (Christchurch)
Lauraine Jacobs (Auckland)
Matt Lambert (New York)
Michael Voumard (Hurunui)
Richard Mitchell & Adrian Woodhouse (Dunedin)
Sascha Rust (Melbourne)
Peter Langlands (Christchurch)
Stephen Wong (Wellington)
Darren Lovell (Queenstown)
Giapo Grazioli (Auckland)

Event was co-hosted by Michael Meredith & Giulio Sturla.

WATCH VIDEO presentations from the day HERE.



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