Announcement about 2017 ConversatioNZ Symposium

Exciting news! The 2017 ConversatioNZ Symposium will be held on August 27th in Wellington, on the final day of the food festival, 'Wellington on a Plate'. Tickets will go on sale June 6th, but mark the date in your diary now!

ConversatioNZ Values Clip

Super proud to release this clip. The 'off the cuff' views taken from the booth area at the symposium in November were SUCH a reflection of the values of this NZ food movement, we felt we had to capture their thoughts this way. Hope you enjoy this.

Highlights Reel from the 2016 ConversatioNZ Symposium

Here it is! The best bits (well most of them, there were a lot!) from the recent symposium at Taste of Auckland. We hope you'll agree it's an exciting time to be talking about food in New Zealand.

Media Release for ConversatioNZ Symposium 20th Nov 2016

"New Zealand, with its evolving food story, is on the cusp of something exciting and you shouldn't miss the journey".
Kelli Brett - Editor Cuisine

"Get involved. You want to be one of those people who said 'I was there when it started', not 'I watched it happen'."
Jonny Schwass – Chef, Harlequin Public House

New Zealand food comes under the spotlight on Sunday 20 November at Taste of Auckland. The fast growing New Zealand food movement ConversatioNZ, with the support of Lincoln University, will present a day of talks from leading lights and heroes in our food and beverage industry. ConversatioNZ is a collective of New Zealand's chefs, producers, media, tourism and event operators, who have all been inspired and interested to create a national platform to promote and champion our best food, drink, and culinary tourism opportunities.

The day has been formatted to give sharp pertinent and valuable insights into the New Zealand food scene and will be a chance for all interested to join a discussion about the next steps to take. The theme for the day is 'Why Kai: What's Unique about NZ Food and What is our Place in the World?'

It will be a significant gathering of chefs, food writers, restaurateurs, and producers from artisan to some of our larger companies.

Speakers will be coming from throughout the country and include producers and purveyors such as Kay Baxter from Koanga Gardens, Calum Hodgson (The Curd Nerd from Sabato), Jeremy Gardiner (Manaki Whitebait). Judy Finn from Neudorf Vineyards and Lincoln University's Glen Creasy will bring the wine industry's perspective. Chefs Giulio Sturla (Roots), Tom Hishon (Orphans Kitchen), Jonny Schwass (Harlequin Public House), Jade Temperara (Kakano), Monique Fiso (Hiakai) and restaurateur Tony Stewart will speak about their craft and its direction.

Great New Zealand food thinkers such as Rewi Spraggon (Kai Time), Elle Armon-Jones (The Big Foody), Sarah Meikle (Wellington Culinary Events Trust) and Cuisine Magazine editor Kelli Brett will also contribute to the discussion. The day will be hosted by Listener Magazine's food editor Lauraine Jacobs.

Tickets $95, include entry into Taste of Auckland on Sunday 20 November, lunch and beverages, and are available here:

For more information about the ConversatioNZ Symposium contact:
Angela Clifford
Ph: 0274 242 871

For more information about Taste of Auckland in partnership with Electrolux contact:
Rob Eliott (Director)
Lemongrass Productions
Ph: (09) 377-9224

ConversatioNZ Symposium, Taste of Auckland, 20th November 2016

As the new ConversatioNZ co-ordinator my first order of business is to help organise this day of TedX style talks about New Zealand food. The theme for the day will be 'Why Kai? What is unique about NZ Food and what is our place in the world?' Tickets are on sale now and include entry into Taste of Auckland on the Sunday. We'd love to see you there!

We Did It!

With a the help of over 200 individual pledgers we reached our crowd-funding target of over $30,000. Along the way we made some new friends and supporters and grew the community of New Zealand food people who want to be part of this movement. Thank you all so much for your support, now the real work begins!

The Make New Zealand Food Famous Campaign

This is it! We have until the 2nd week of September to raise $30,000 to create a sustainable platform from which to Make New Zealand's Food Famous! Please help us out by contributing:
There are lots of amazing rewards or thank-yous from some of the best food people in New Zealand. Check it out!


Chefs see food as much more than a commodity

November 7, 2015
By Rebecca Ryan Otago Daily Times ...
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Claire Burden from Humble Tumbler joined ConversatioNZ 2015 via a video interview made by Scrag End Journal to talk about her ideas about teaching people about adventurous eating, drinking and thoughts about natural wine.

Watch other video presentations from Talks 2015 HERE. More to come...


Please contact us and let us know about different projects, initiatives & research already happening in NZ food and mahinga kai. We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas