About Us


ConversatioNZ is a collective of New Zealand's chefs, producers, media, tourism and event operators, who have all been inspired and interested to create a national platform to promote and champion our best food, drink, and culinary tourism opportunities.


ConversatioNZ is a Movement initiated by chefs and people in the food industry with the aim of highlighting the quality and vast array of edible resources available in New Zealand.
It involves harnessing both traditional and innovative forms of knowledge (matauranga) drawn from the entire community of people (tangata) who gather, grow, raise, prepare and work with the gifts of the land (whenua) and the sea (moana).
The movement seeks to provide a forum to encourage and enable collaboration between all levels of the culinary chain and move towards more sustainable food systems.


ConversatioNZ founding principals, goals and ideas behind the future of New Zealand food are described in document called ConversatioNZ Food Manifesto

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